Scientia Optimate Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (SOFS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of EOH, a listed company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. SOFS is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 7581), licensed in terms of the Financial Advisory & Intermediaries Services Act (FAIS). It was stablished in 2002 as a director controlled consultancy & financial advisory company with experienced directors and strategic associations responsible for client servicing. The business is organised into areas of expertise, supported by a centralised office support administration hub.

We are client focused and pride ourselves in our flexibility and hands-on approach, offering a full range of financial solutions and products from leading institutions. As a qualifying SME, we comply with the codes of good practice for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). Our methodologies anticipate and meet ongoing benefit and strategic needs, build partnerships and provide quality and cost-effective services. We continually accredit service providers to obtain value for clients and to encourage better service levels.